“Take The Retirement Road Less Traveled” E-Book Now Available

It will be available first as an E-Book available through Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and other E-Book distributors.  The book is now available  at Amazon.com and will be available shortly at other E-Book distributors.   A printed copy will be available in the near future for those who prefer the printed form over the electronic form.

I will add links here as each platform comes on line

Amazon’s Kindle

Barnes & Nobles’ Nook Platform



In this book, you will find not only answers to many of your questions on retiring abroad, but will be introduced to topics you probably may not have thought about yet. You will find the more common topics on why to retire abroad, picking your destination, economic considerations, information on healthcare and security abroad, and language considerations.

At the same time you will be introduced to less well known topics like the perpetual tourist six flags theory, dual citizenship, second passports, and simple ways to lessen the inevitable culture shock you will experience.   Want to take your pets with you?  There is even an essay on that topic.  Finally, find out Dr. Ross’  top five recommendations for places to retire.

The sections of each chapter were written as stand alone essays.  The book can be read in sequence, or you can skip around to your favorite topic.  This is what most readers do anyway.

Chapter 7 has sections on common questions like: Can I receive my social security abroad? and Expatriate banking options.  Want to know how important language is to your successful move, check out the essays in Chapter 8.  Hearing conflicts on which countries are best to retire in?  Chapter 6 is the place to go for that.

Ultimately, you will find yourself asking questions you never thought of previously.  Most people do not know what they don’t know!  There is a whole world out there that most of us do not even know exists.  This book is designed to give an introduction to as many of those topics as possible, providing a basis for more detailed research before you take your journey on the “Retirement Road Less Traveled”.