How I Keep Up With Me & Inform Others

I have had such varied interests and have done so many sites in the last couple of years that I had to have some way for me to keep up with meThis is the site for that.

This is the site where I will attempt to keep a running tabulation of all my internet blogs, sites, affiliate links, etc. as they are developed.

If my followers, friends, and casual passersby learn from these “parts” that the “whole” of me is greater than the parts, so much the better. I, like most everyone in life, have now and have had throughout my life many varying interests. These interests are reflected in the links on this site.

Some of my sites have been for fun. Some of my sites have been for money. But all of my sites are an expression of me and my interests. That will never change.

I will make occasional posting on items related to my many interests and attempt to keep on this site a listing of links to all my internet ventures, adventures, and misadventures. Only time will tell which of these sites reflect the ventures and which the misadventures. But, I promise you that I will always be having fun.


The photo above was taken in Mijas, Spain in the spring of 2008. Photography and travel go hand in hand and both are favorites of mine.

More photos from Mijas on Flickr

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